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Hello, My name is Finola McConville, my journey as a reflexologist began back in 2007. I was always intrigued to know how reflexology worked. Following the passing of my 13 year old son Donal in 2003 who had Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy [DMD] I received weekly sessions of reflexology. Undoubtedly through the bereavement and emotional  support I got at that time inevitably made me realise that reflexology was my calling to provide a service to help people as it had helped me, and in particular couples who were experiencing fertility issues. As being a carrier of DMD, medically the decision to have more children was taken away from me. Knowing that we couldn’t have any more children [well I could, but the risk of having another child with DMD was very high] was utterly devastating. It became my passion then to help other women have the family they so wanted.

In June 2017 I began my training as a reproductive reflexologist [reproflexologist] with Barbara Scott. Part of that training included 2 case studies, one of whom became pregnant following a miscarriage.

Since then I have gone on to have many successful outcomes for couples, and one story I want to share with you all is the joy I brought this year 2020 to a couple both in their late 30’s who found out 8 years ago that they couldn’t have children due to the male having no Vas deferens. They were then placed on an IVF waiting list and a month after they got married the fertility clinic informed them they had reached the top of the list. This was it, they were so excited and convinced that they were going to get pregnant without any problems. They had a 5 day transfer of 2 eggs, and the 2 week wait until they could do a pregnancy test was extremely hard for them.  A week later after getting a positive pregnancy test mum started to bleed, a scan showed 2 embryos present, sadly two days later mum miscarried.

Following on from this they had 4 more unsuccessful IVF cycles in the space of eighteen months. Three years ago they decided to give IVF one last go, it was at this point mum was recommended to come see me. Having read through her blood results I noticed her Progesterone levels were low, which could have been one of the reasons mum had unsuccessful IVF outcomes.  Six months before starting another round of IVF mum attended my clinic every two weeks for reproflexology to optimize body and mind health in preparation for her next round of treatment.  She took on board all that I suggested, ie: diet, supplements and lifestyle changes.

On the day of egg retrieval mum came for her treatment to help ease the pain, she woke next morning completely pain free. Mum continued with her treatments during her two week wait, which she says helped her so much. Following a visit to the fertility clinic in Belfast at 7 weeks to confirm that it was a viable pregnancy they found out they were expecting twins. A healthy boy and girl were born 17 weeks ago today October 2020. In mums own words I can’t thank Finola enough for getting me through the last year”.

In April 2020 following 3 years of studying holistic fertility, I finally qualified with full distinction as an Holistic Fertility Practitioner.

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