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About Me

I initially trained in complementary therapies but found it was reflexology that I gravitated towards. Reflexology is a powerful treatment helping the body to balance and heal itself. I was amazed how effective the treatments were for my clients who showed significant improvements in their symptoms and conditions.

I found myself receiving frequent enquiries from women who were seeking reflexology to help them conceive. I knew reflexology could help but I needed to know more about specific conditions and how to treat them effectively and with confidence. I trained with Barbara Scott to learn reproductive reflexology (Reproflexology™) to enable me to work confidently with couples trying to conceive naturally and through assisted conception (medicated cycles such as Clomid and Metformin, IUI, IVF & ICSI).

I specialise in women’s health offering holistic support for conception, pregnancy, birth and beyond. I have therapies for pregnancy which include massage and maternity reflexology as well as reflexology for the menopause. I also include baby and children’s reflexology as part of my treatments. I have recently trained in facial reflexology and use Neal’s Yard products for my holistic facials.

What To Expect

After a detailed consultation, I provide a tailored treatment plan to promote hormonal balance and improve egg and sperm quality. Any physical disorders which could be hindering fertility are also addressed. Lifestyle and diet will be discussed during the initial consultation and recommendations provided to alter diet, supplements, stress factors, medications, sleep quality or exercise which may be having a negative impact on fertility.

I offer continued support for my clients in-between their treatments by answering any queries, teaching hand reflexology to do at home and discussing basal body temperature charts so they have better knowledge of when ovulation is taking place to improve their chances of a pregnancy.

I provide a free 30 minute telephone consultation to find out if reproductive reflexology is for you. If you’d like to book your free telephone consultation and find out how I can support you, please send me a message or email.

Contact details

Unit 1, Coinage Ope Helston CornwallUK,TR13 8EB Show Phone Number ***** http://www.helstonholistictherapies.co.uk

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