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Reproductive Reflexology – Mindset Coaching – Emotional Freedom Technique. Positively Affecting Change.

Making the decision to have a family later in life (40+) came will both challenges and blessings. I became ready to share our story of fertility, loss and becoming a mum in my 40s a little while ago. The intention of sharing was / is to give an other the permission to also share, to grieve, to try, to allow, to never give up hope.⁠

Finding out we expecting for the first time that we were pregnant was January 2014. Surprise, shock, happiness, joy, excitement, disbelief, anxiety and every emotion in between. ⁠

We had a scan at around 8 weeks, seeing that teeny, tiny flickering heart beat of human life was breath taking. We collected our little print out of the scan and went out for a meal to celebrate. Sitting at the restaurant table staring at the scan picture is a memory that will never leave me.⁠

The celebration was to be short lived, as that evening the flicker of human light was blown out. I woke with cramping and knew straight away that something wasn’t right. I held my stomach and made it to the bathroom where my life, our life literally felt it was leaving me.⁠

I let out what felt like a primal scream as I called for my partner. He knew straight away what was happening. ⁠

In that instant I heard a voice, “This will make you a better therapist”. At the time I held an interest for fertility, maternity and women’s health reflexology but felt my new direction was unfolding in front of me. I could allow for an empathy like no other.

And this is what happened, I trained with Barbara Scott, here with the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists and gained a whole new way of being and serving.

I will never forget that clear voice, the guidance that presented in a way to support me and others. You do certainly grow through what you go through.

Fast forward 3 years, after having regular Reflexology, working on both my physical and emotional wellbeing we effortlessly conceived our now 3 year old. ⁠

I am here to support you with your dream of becoming a parent.


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