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The Couples Guide To In Vitro Fertilisation

The Couples Guide To IVFBy Lisa Charlesworth 2004

This book is written as a guide for couples undergoing IVF treatment.  It gives information on what to expect both physically and emotionall. Lisa has first hand experience having conceived twins using IVF and by writing this book she aims to guide couples through the process so that they are well informed and able to understand some of the more daunting aspects of treatment.

Lisa is American so some of the terminology is expressed and written for Americans and therefore not so relevant to British readers, for instance the chapter on funding a cycle is not necessarily relevant here when in America a couple would have to self fund as they do not have an equivalent to the NHS.

The book starts with a brief history of IVF and then takes you through the process step by step, including tests undertaken, a simple IVF calendar and fertility facts.

She looks at locating the best clinic and understanding how they run and includes a chapter on specialised treatments, such as donor egg and sperm, and coming to terms with choosing this option.

Her chapters on Gearing Up for a Cycle, with questions and answers about your cycle, and What to Do When a Cycle Fails are all worth reading. There is a good glossary of terms at the back. This a good book for anyone wanting to understand more about IVF.

Review By Harriet Combes

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