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Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

Christiane Northrup Womens Bodies Womens WisdonCreating Physical and Emotional Health and Healing

Christiane Northrup, M.D – first published 1994 Revised Edition 2010

When it was first published this book became an international best seller.This book covers all aspects of a woman’s body and mind.

The new edition includes:

  • new material on sexuality—and how to have a more fulfilling sex life
  • why good sex (with or without a partner) is important for your health
  • the spiritual and scientific principles behind healing, and how you can utilise these principles for your own health, and the health of others
  • the truth about HPV and herpes: what every woman needs to know to protect herself and her partner
  • vital information about how to dissolve PMS and ease menstrual cramps
  • nonsurgical treatments for pelvic adhesions, infertility and pelvic pain
  • extraordinary facts on Vitamin D—and why it is crucial for breast, cardiovascular and immune system health
  • the importance of the preconception diet and how to greatly decrease the risk of birth defects
  • how to birth naturally, despite the current induction and C-section epidemic
  • all you need to know about thyroid function including proper blood tests
  • life-saving facts about cellular inflammation—the root cause of all chronic degenerative diseases—and how to prevent this condition
  • the essentials on the “fountain of youth molecule”—and how to enhance your levels of it for vibrant health.

Book Review by Harriet Combes

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