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There are ARR members in many parts of the UK, and Internationally, who can assist in treating infertility and our membership is growing every year.

Members contact details are below, arranged alphabetically. To find your nearest reproductive reflexologist select your County using the Category drop-down box, or use the search box on the right hand side.

Please click on the “Show Bio” under the members photo to reveal more about them.

If you do not see a member listed in your part of the UK please contact us as we may be able to suggest a therapist who, although not an ARR member, may be able to help.

Miss Lynn Butler

Founder, Owner & Reflexologist. Lynn Butler Reflexology & Wellbeing
Home Second Floor, Sharrow Head House, 364 Sharrow Lane. S11 8AU Office: 07824 883799


Photo of Miss Lynn Butler


Why Reflexology?

Back in 2008 I chose to train as a Reflexologist. This decision was based purely on my fascination, if not, obsession with the treatments I was receiving at the time.
Each treatment left me relaxed beyond belief, yet refreshed and energised at the same time. A physical imbalance was picked up on and has since been managed by regular treatments and subsequently diagnosed by my GP.
Having always lived by the philosophy ‘prevention is better than cure’. Reflexology fitted in with this belief perfectly.

Having experienced the process and procedures within conventional Assisted Conception and a subsequent miscarriage, I felt compelled to train in Reproductive Reflexology and support clients on the same journey. I work with couples on a weekly basis who have non diagnosed sub fertility, diagnosed sub fertility and also going through assisted conception with great results.

Clients describe me as passionate, empathetic and caring. I am in a privileged position to work with amazing clients who are looking for a supportive therapy at a special time in their lives.

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