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There are ARR members in many parts of the UK, and Internationally, who can assist in treating infertility and our membership is growing every year.

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Susan Birbeck

Reflexology Health & Wellbeing
Location Idle West Yorkshire Office: 01274 419414 Mobile: 07786 980659 Website:


Photo of Susan Birbeck

My Name is Susan Birbeck the Founder of Reflexology Health & Wellbeing Ltd since 2009 .
I am dedicated to tackling infertility and to enhance fertility through reflexology, particularly for couples undergoing assisted fertility treatments such as IUI and IVF/ICSI.

My work is specifically designed to help people have a better balance of health including reducing excess stress and in turn creating better conditions for fertility and wellbeing during the stages of pregnancy.

Some of the most thrilling moments of my career have been when my clients report they have been helped by reflexology to have a sense of restored vitality, in turn encouraging the body to form a good basis for fertility.

I am passionate about my work and have dedicated the last 6 years to developing my skills in the area of ‘energetic’ therapies so that I may help others with the best of intentions. ‘My work comes from the heart as I love what I do’

I specialise in a holistic natural approach to fertility preparation. My aim is to balance and harmonise mind, body and spirit through the energetics of reflexology.

My own success in treating couples who are challenged by fertility comes from my abiding passion for my work combined with a long experience as a Reflexologist and intuitive connection to my clients mind, body and spirit.

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