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My passion and my goal are working and supporting you, the fertility clients, who for some reason are needing a little extra support with conceiving, my job is to support you on your fertility journey, a journey that can be tough, heart-wrenching, Lonely, emotional, and when it does not work, it is devastating.

A fertility journey Involves two people, a man and a woman, The Egg and the Sperm, Fertility clinics are happy to proceed and prepare you for IVF, ICSI, FET, IUI, and Egg or Sperm Donors, But, they have not got You ready, You, who is the most important person in this journey,

What is the quality of your eggs like? what is the condition of the sperm, and what is the endometrium like, what thickness is it so it can sustain a viable pregnancy?

Miscarriage is not always down to the woman but can be a sperm factor.

Let us begin your journey, setting you up ready to become parents, working alongside your fertility clinics or working before you decide that route, let us begin today with a consultation and see what is going on and how I can support you both.

If this journey you have chosen to do this alone, then let us prepare you for FET treatments.

If you are having an Egg or Sperm Donor, let us prepare you both physically and emotionally for this.

My role as a Specialised Fertility Practitioner is to support you all the way through your IVF journey and to support you emotionally and mentally for the road ahead.

your full consultation will provide me with detail on how to support you both at this time.

this is not a spa treatment, this is a specialised treatment, with protocols in place to support you in whatever area needs support.

suffering PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Cysts, Progesterone deficiency, Hormone imbalances, Egg Quality issues, Endometrium Issues, Polops, Sperm Quality, Morphology, Vitality, PH or Agluttination issues, Progesterone or testosterone issues, then come and see me today.

let me support you at this time.

I am looking forward to working with you, Inperson, One to one, or Online


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