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In clinical practice for 16 years specialising in Maternity reflexology and fertility. I am also a juice therapist and working with food and nutrition guidance tailored to your healthcare needs will really benefit and complement your holistic treatment.  As a trained Reproductive Reflexologist, I can analyse your blood results and semen analysis and work alongside medicated cycles such as IUI, IVF  and ICSI. A member of the Association of Reflexologists, the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists and of the Complementary natural healthcare council.

Also specialising in endocrine disorders like thyroid and adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome and Fibromyalgia

Since a little girl my first passion was always caring for people and a fascination with the human body and how wonderfully designed it is. Having a background in dance I learned  first hand just how the human body can be pushed to extremes. As a dancer I always had a bad relationship  with food and never took eating seriously and developed an eating disorder. At 14, I was diagnosed as being lactose intolerant, which was very difficult  for me as milk was one of the few things I lived on to sustain me and of course,  my cup of tea. At that time, in the mid 90’s there were hardly any dairy alternatives about on the market apart from rice milk and maybe soya milk. Rice milk was hideous in tea so I soon cut out all those things from my diet and started to

Just drink hot water and lemon, which I found very refreshing and really seemed to improve my digestive system, though I didn’t appreciate the significance of why back then.

When just 16 years old I was involved in a terrible accident which resulted in extensive head and neck injuries and required plastic surgery. My spine was left damaged and I deteriorated to the point of being in a wheelchair. Later diagnosed with M.E conventional medicine could no longer do anymore to assist me. Coming to that cross roads in my life lead me back to natural medicine. I didn’t know if I could ever truly be 100% better, but I knew that whatever I had left of  my life I wanted to use it to make a difference in the lives of others. So I started my training in Reflexology in 2004. I went on to specialise in pregnancy and fertility, cancer and endocrinology.  So with determination and devoting my life to alternative medicine and able to work with many brilliant minds over the years I was able to not only restore my own health but assisted many others in their search for better health too. Juicing became a big part of my healing process and I learnt just how important it was to remove the toxins and replace the deficiencies . Juicing is raw so all the nutrients and enzymes you take in  have complete bio-availability to the cells. During my pregnancy I developed gallstones and my gallbladder died, juicing saved my life and was able to reduce the inflammation to keep me alive in order to have the surgery. We live in an ever changing world, where life is so fast paced, we have so little  time for ourselves and each other and we’ve become an ‘instant’ society and not for our benefit. We have more processed foods and added sugars in food available than ever before and more cancers than ever. It’s been my dream for a long time to be able to use my knowledge further to assist others with their lifestyle and eating habits. So many of my patients over the years have asked me to do this. So many people have the desire to change their diet and lifestyle for the better, but lack either the knowledge or the equipment or just the get up and go that is required. I look forward to being able to assist you  with your healthcare needs and work towards solutions.













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