Weymouth Bay Reflexology

 Full Member / Posted 6 months ago by R Gledhill

Welcome to Weymouth Bay Reflexology, owned and run by Rowena. I am a fertility reflexologist working with my clients to support their fertility, promote natural conception, and those needing reflexology whilst they go through conventional IVF/fertility clinic support.

Reproductive reflexology is used to support you with regularising monthly cycles, improving the symptoms of diagnosed conditions such as PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids etc., and supporting male issues such as varicocele, sperm quality issues and more.

If you’re struggling to manage your cycles, you’re already trying for a baby, or want to start getting your body ready for a future pregnancy, then Reproflexology is a valuable tool in achieving your goal.

My practice is based in a private clinic in Weymouth, within 10 minutes drive to mainline trains to London and the West. All initial fertility consultations are being carried out online, and treatments are now available in person. A full fertility consultation, assessment and self-care treatments shaped for your needs are also available to access via video/online appointments, meaning you can work with me from anywhere that you have an internet connection.