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Reproductive Reflexology supports your reproductive health. I am fully trained in fertility reflexology with the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists to use specific and prescriptive treatment protocols, which support YOU through all phases of your conception journey, together with an understanding of the emotional stresses and strains that you might be experiencing.

Did you know that it takes three months for an egg or sperm to develop and mature? This is why I expect my clients to work with me for a minimum three months / 3 cycles to allow time for changes to be integrated. It also offers the best timescale to make improvements to lifestyle and nutrition, which have a significant impact on your body’s ability to produce good quality egg and sperm – which of course can impact on development of embryos and the uterine/seminal environments.

Seeing both partners when discussing your situation can have a significant impact in the way your treatment pathway is designed, and on success rates – as sadly I find that male factors are commonly overlooked during fertility investigations.

Reproductive reflexology also helps improve the symptoms of menstrual health diseases such as PCOS, PMS, endometriosis, fibroids etc., and male factor issues like varicoceles, sperm quality issues, and more.

I work online and in person with my clients, so distance should not be a barrier. I have helped support people with all kinds of issues which can interfere with conception, including miscarriage, PCOS, unexplained infertility, secondary infertility male factors and those who were having IVF. 

Specialised reflexology techniques are used to support you through both natural and assisted conception with specific treatment protocols, working alongside medicated cycles e.g. Metformin, Clomid, and with IUI, IVFICSI and donor treatments (for both fresh and FET cycles).

I experienced unexplained infertility myself, which is what led me to work with people supporting their reproductive health, and I am passionate about providing a safe space for you during your journey, however it may turn out.

You can book a call with me today to see what I can do to support your journey to your family, just visit my website. I look forward to welcoming you into my practise.

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