Success Story

Reflexologist – Dayna Boetzkes

“My friend had referred me to Dayna Boetzkes as she was taking a class for fertility. My husband and I where trying to get pregnant and we did, but we had a miscarriage. We had tried for about 6 months, then I tried acupuncture. I stopped with acupuncture as I found out I was pregnant, but sadly that was when we had the miscarriage. When I started my treatments with Dayna I was little worried as we just had a miscarriage and I was unsure of what she did, but I gave her a chance! Loved her -she did an amazing thing! We talked about why I came to her so she could help with my fertility. We talked lots about it. A couple of weeks had gone by and I had noticed some changes in my periods cycle which was great! She keeps doing her treatment with me and by the time my next cycle came, I could really tell when I was fertile by the end of that cycle- I wasn’t too sure if I was pregnant yet since my period was super light and not heavy like normal, but I did have my period. When my next period should have started- it never did! So my husband and I waited until the next cycle just to make sure that I didn’t just miss my period.  I finally took a test and we were 6 weeks pregnant!! We now have a healthy 5 month old baby girl!

With the help of Dayna and her magical hands she took the stress away from us trying so hard! She helped me recover mentally from my miscarriage, plus she helped me get pregnant and made the stress of it all go away!

I would recommend her to someone that needs help.”

Tiffany G.