About Seren Natural Fertility

Reflexology that supports fertility and works alongside conventional medicine 

Founded in 2007 by Reproflexology pioneer Barbara Scott, Seren Natural Fertility aims to enhance fertility through reproductive reflexology. It’s a non-invasive, complementary therapy that works alongside conventional medicine and science to support people on their journey to create a family. 

We support people who are:
– searching for relief from the pain and symptoms of underlying reproductive health conditions
– seeking a complementary therapy to aid conception
– preparing their body for conception and pregnancy. 

68%* of people treated with Reproflexology go on to have a successful pregnancy

*Seren Natural Fertility data collection study, 2013

We provide:

Reflexology treatment for men and women with fertility difficulties who are trying to conceive either naturally or through assisted fertility treatments

Certified Reproflexology training courses for qualified reflexologists who would like to support those trying to conceive.

Our Approach

The Seren approach is caring and compassionate.

  • Where there is pain, we provide potential relief
  • Where there is challenge, we suggest solutions
  • When clients believe all hope of having a family is gone, we offer an alternative pathway

Meet the Team

Barbara Scott MARR, MAR, MFHT

Reproductive Reflexology Lecturer, Teacher and Clinician


The pioneer of Reproductive Reflexology, Barbara is one of the world’s leading holistic fertility experts. She trained as a Reflexologist with the Bailey School of Reflexology, who introduced the therapy to the UK from America. 

Spurred on by compassion and an innate curiosity to learn, she began to explore the fertility benefits of reflexology treatment. Barbara researched and developed the Reproflexology protocols, which she writes about in her book. She now trains the techniques through Seren Training and still practises privately, treating fertility issues of all kinds. 

Barbara continues to pursue her passion for learning by working alongside specialists in reproductive health and lecturing on the subject. She is currently researching a doctorate in the life-changing impacts of professional reflexology practice.  


Achievements and Accreditations

Harriet Combes

Harriet Combes

Reproflexologist Practitioner and Trainer


Harriet practises reflexology in Wiltshire and helps Barbara to deliver Reproductive Reflexology Courses. She trained with the International Institute of Reflexology in 2006 and continues to develop her knowledge and best practice to provide the best possible care for her clients.

Harriet specialises in reproductive health for both men and women and has taken advanced training in both Reproductive Reflexology and Maternity Reflexology.

Harriet is also Secretary of the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists, playing a key role in raising the profile of the organisation. She is currently undertaking further advanced teacher training.

    Harriet Combes

    Zoë Oughton

    Administrative Support

    Zoë is a fully qualified Advanced Reproflexology Practitioner and practised for 7 years before sadly making the decision to stop in 2023. She looks after all our training course administration, including managing all contact with students, issuing course notes and certificates. She also provides ongoing administrative support to Barbara. 

    Zoë loves working with both Seren Natural Fertility and the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists, helping people deliver a truly life-changing treatment.

    She lives in a small village in Devon with her husband and their two springer spaniels.